November 22, 2005

The possibility of my family reading this.

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Since i’ve made this sort of public and the links to it can be seen in various locations, I would urge my family members not to read this.  If you do, proceed with caution.  After all, this is a place for me to vent/express my thoughts without fear of censure from you all.  I realize that when we meet at parties and other functions, you may think that the person I present to you is really who I am.  The sad truth is, I am not the same person that you see at those family gatherings.  This is who I am: a man who is flawed, vulnerable, and uncertain of himself.  I’ve been discovering myself throughout the past year and that’s why i’ve been going through a lot of changes.  For instance, the fact that i’ve grown my hair out, gotten my eyes pierced and what not.  If you do read this blog, I hope you’ll also be kind enough not to let this spread like wildfire.  I don’t need that, nor do my parents.  So, if you have any respect for me or my family, I ask that you either don’t read this blog, or if you do, keep these contents to yourself.

If you wish to speak to me about anything you’ve read here, by all means, contact me.  I would happily discuss all that is going on in my life with you as an individual.

Thank you.


November 21, 2005

Protected: What is a man that is the source of his own misery?

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